How to get your money back when you never receive your items and the merchant disappears

You probably do a fair bit of shopping online if you’re like me. It’s convenient, there are usually good deals to be found, and you can avoid the crowds at the mall. But I’m always suspicious of websites that seem too good to be true. For example, they have unbelievable discounts on designer clothes, or they’re selling electronics for a fraction of the price you would find in stores. These websites look identical to legitimate ones, but scammers create them to steal your money.

But don’t worry! There is something you can do to get your money back. Please keep reading for my tips on how to get your money back after falling for a fake eCommerce website.

Merchant agreement

You’ve probably heard of a little something called the Federal Mail, Internet, or Telephone Order Merchandise Rule. This Rule requires merchants who sell goods through mail order or online to have a written agreement with their customers. This contract is called a “merchant agreement”. The merchant agrees to provide you with certain goods or services for your payment in this agreement. This agreement also says that if the customer isn’t happy with their purchase, they can return it within a certain period for a refund. 

The Rule also sets out specific shipping dates and delivery requirements and gives customers the right to cancel their order if they are not satisfied with the merchandise or the service. Any seller who solicits buyers with the intent of shipping goods must adhere to a reasonable timeline. By law, sellers must respect the delivery time they say or advertise on their website. For instance, if that time frame is long overdue, sellers still have 30 days from the date of purchase to get you your goods before you can ask for a full refund. And you are entitled to a FULL refund, not just a gift card or store credit.   

Coming to a mutual agreement

Suppose the seller cannot deliver on this promise due to factors outside their control, like delayed shipment. In that case, it’s crucial for both parties involved – the seller and buyer- to agree upon some other solution before things get ugly between them!

So, if you’re a merchant who sells goods through the mail or the internet, you’ll need to have this agreement in place. And if you’re a customer looking to return an item, this agreement will give you all the information you need on how to do that. 

But what happens if the merchant doesn’t hold up their end of the deal? For example, you never receive the items you paid for, and they refuse to issue a refund? That’s where chargebacks come in.

What is a chargeback, and why would you file for one?

A chargeback is when you ask your credit card company through a dispute claim to cancel a transaction and refund your money. You can think of it as a “reverse” transaction.

There are a few different reasons you might file a chargeback:

  • An unauthorized transaction on your card,
  • You were charged twice for the same transaction,
  • The amount charged was incorrect,
  • You do not recognize the charge,
  • You are still charged for a service, even though you canceled it,
  • You’ve never received the item you ordered, or maybe it was significantly different from the description on the website.

But the most common reason for chargebacks is fraud.

Unsure if your chargeback request is valid?

When you file a chargeback because of fraud, you’re essentially telling your credit card issuer that you didn’t make the purchase – instead, someone stole your credit card information and made the purchase without your knowledge.

Chargebacks can be a little bit tricky, but they’re definitely worth it if you’ve been scammed. I would recommend reading through your merchant agreement before you file a chargeback, just to make sure that you have a valid reason. And if you’re ever unsure, you can always contact your credit card company for more information. Also, take the time to ask them if they charge a fee if your chargeback request is ever invalid.

Policies vary from one credit issuer to another, but they pretty much all follow the same general reasoning which is, that you are currently in a dispute that can’t seem to be resolved between you and a merchant.

How does filing for a dispute and requesting a chargeback work?

Before filing a request with your credit card issuer, you have to try to resolve the issue with the merchant. Also, which is very important, you have to prove that you’ve tried to solve this issue yourself.

Assuming you are dealing with an actual merchant and not a scammer, you must keep and provide detailed notes of your communications. For example, the time and date of all phone calls and what is said serves as proof. If not, emails are much simpler and valid proof of communication attempts.

The first step is contacting your credit card company and letting them know you want to dispute a charge on your statement.

Calling to submit a dispute is just not enough!

You must submit your dispute in writing. If not, the creditor has no obligation to investigate the charges you wish to dispute. As a matter of fact, according to the FTC, to comply with consumer protection laws, you need to do the following:

Write a letter to the creditor at the address for “billing inquiries,” not the address for sending your payments. In your letter, include your name, address, account number, the dollar amount of the suspected error, and a description of the billing error such as:

  • The name of the merchant. 
  • A reference number.
  • Proof of attempts to communicate with the merchant to resolve the matter; and 
  • Anything else you might have related to the dispute.

Send your letter as soon as possible. The creditor must receive it within 60 days of the first bill that contained the error. You should send your letter by certified mail to prove that the creditor received it. Make sure to include copies (not originals) of sales slips or documents supporting your position. Keep a copy of your dispute letter for yourself.

Your credit card company will then open an investigation. First, they’ll contact the merchant and ask for proof that you made the purchase. Then, the merchant will have 20 days to respond to the chargeback. Still, if they don’t or can’t provide enough evidence, then the chargeback will be granted, and you’ll get your money back.

In the table below, you’ll find a few examples of dispute policies for 5 major credit card issuers in the US.

Credit card issuers’ chargeback policies

ChaseIn writing within 60 days

At least 3 business days before an automated payment is scheduled, if you want to stop payment on the amount you think is wrong.
Chase Bank USA
Wells FargoIn writing within 60 days

At least 3 business days before an automated payment is scheduled, if you want to stop payment on the amount you think is wrong.
Wells Fargo Bank
Capital OneCapital One does not specify the allotted time you dispose of to dispute a charge.

If Capital One credits your Account for all or part of a disputed transaction, you give them all of your rights against others regarding that transaction. You will also:
1 – give them any information about the disputed transaction,
if they ask;
2 – not pursue any claim or reimbursement of the transaction amount from the merchant or any other person; and
3 – help them get reimbursement from others.
Capital One Bank
American ExpressAmerican Express does not specify the allotted time you dispose of to dispute a charge.

If American Express credits your Account for all or part of a disputed transaction, you give them all of your rights against others regarding that transaction. You will also:
1 – give them any information about the disputed transaction,
if they ask;
2 – not pursue any claim or reimbursement of the transaction amount from the merchant or any other person; and
3 – help them get reimbursement from others.
American Express National Bank
DiscoverWithin 60 days after the error appeared on your statement.

By 5:00 P.M. ET on the date an automated payment is scheduled, if you want to stop payment on the amount you think is wrong. You must notify us of any potential errors in writing or electronically. You may call us, but if you do, we are not necessarily required to investigate any potential errors and you may have to pay the amount in question.
Discover Bank
Credit card issuers’ chargeback policies

Was your claim denied? There is still hope!

Typically, when you dispute a charge and the merchant is a scammer, the chargeback is applied quickly, and you get your money back. However, scammers sometimes fight back against chargebacks and might even succeed.

Disputing a credit card fraud charge can be frustrating, especially if your claim gets denied. But don’t give up just yet! You still have options.

Appealing the decision

Firstly, there is an appeal process that you have to follow to try to get your claim approved. Credit card issuers sometimes deny claims, but you have 10 days to do something about it.

Sometimes the issuer will tell you why the denial letter denied the claim. If not, you can call them or write a letter (or email) and ask for more information about the appeal process. You might also be able to find this information by logging in to your online banking portal.

Filing a complaint with the CFPB

Secondly, if your appeal gets denied, you can file a complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB.)

The CFPB keeps track of complaints from consumers, and this information is available for anyone to see. In addition, companies that are the subject of complaints will get a copy. The idea behind this process is that these companies will fix the situation, change how they deal with consumers or have oversight from a third party like the CFPB.

I can hear you already, not again! Don’t worry. Submitting a complaint online takes less than 10 minutes.

If you file a complaint with the CFPB, they will send it to the company along with all related documents. The company then has 15 days to respond.

It’s time to implicate lawyers.

Finally, suppose all other attempts to overturn the creditor’s decision failed. In that case, you will have to take legal action to get your money back. This process is costly, so make sure it’s worth it.

You don’t have to go to court when lawyers get involved. However, most credit agreement policies have claims provisions detailing how all parties involved will resolve an issue. The options listed in policies are generally mediation, arbitration, and litigation.

Some options, like arbitration, will limit your ability to take further legal actions. Make sure to have your attorney review your policy agreement and take the time to explain these limitations carefully.

Get the help and support you need

VictimConnect resource center

This resource center is a referral helpline where ALL crime victims can learn about their rights and options confidentially and compassionately.

You may contact them via phone and text at 855-4-victim or via online chat Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm EST

Know your rights

You have rights imparted by federal and, in some cases, state law. Learn about your rights to better protect yourself.

For federal victim rights, the U.S. Department of Justice provides information on victim rights at

For state victim rights, check with the state Attorney General, whose contact information is available at

If you have tried to reach the seller and haven’t had any success, or if you think what you received wasn’t as described, it might be time to dispute the charge. Remember that your credit score can take a hit if there are too many disputes on your account, so make sure your request is valid before submitting it. And always submit your claims in writing. You can find more information about your rights and options in the policy agreement of your credit card company. Even if your claim is denied, don’t give up hope – sometimes there’s still a chance for a refund. Have you ever disputed a charge? What was the outcome? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. José Consepcion Alonso Armendáriz says:

    Buen día para comentar compré un artículo en línea y todo bien tenía contacto sobre el envio y resultó que me yego otro artículo na que ver con lo que compre ya pedí información y nada

    • Akim says:

      Hola José, ¿has intentado contactar con ellos más de una vez? 2: ¿Han pasado 30 días desde que compraste el artículo? 3: ¿Compraste con tarjeta de crédito? 4: ¿Vives en los Estados Unidos o en otro país? Las leyes varían de un país a otro.

      • Im future says:

        I have question, if u get all those reprts from ppl who say they have been scamed, thats crime, than why you dont catch them and close the site? And dont say its difficult, hire more ppl. Everything can be tracked, some things bit harder, but generally its easy if u have resources. If i have money and someone trick me like that, i would find him by myself and execute punishment, why, bc you aint doing it!! I would find owner 100% and i dont know anything about pc, not more than average person.

        • Do you like me? says:

          Let him to go to jail wont solve a problem, but situation, i like to solve problem, not situation, if he still able to get out and make same bs again, than what have we done??? Nothing. And police always have excuse and this certainly aint priority to you. Just look the society we live in with this system. Theres 50% illegal stuff inside that politics has made legal. In my mind crime is always illegal and no crime is more priority than other crime!! This is how things must work fullstop. And they aint, maybe in Sweden do. Rest of planet average to very low. Those who hire us to protect and serve, do you really think they want all crimes solved?? Idt so, why, bc they aint showing that. In any country i have been is same. Only Josip Broz Tito knew how to deal with all. All others are just as those scam sites. Thats a fact we must change yesterday, not tomorrow.

          • Deedree says:

            We must join forces and hunt this scammers.

            No law inforcement will assist. Police as well are victims, how do you they can help us while they can’t even help themselves.

          • T. D. says:

            Nicely put Yeah I’m out 10K and everybody meaning services and companies connected to or providing services to the site from which I was scammed all claim innocence and can’t help? Fucking really? The company that hosted the fraudulent site has the site owner or administrator’s phone number name address but it’s privatized in , But the host doesn’t feel that I should have that information????
            And this is crypto okay So everything every transaction every everything is logged onto the blockchain, It cannot be removed it cannot be altered It is there for eternity. And I have all the addresses verification on the blockchain to the site from me and so on so I’m in a position where kind of feeling you there buddy. Somebody needs to answer for this shit.

        • Ona KRUCKAUSKAITE says:

          Kaip atgauti pinigus už neteisingai atliitus užsakymus? Tai būtų el.pš

        • Chickendogg says:

          Im with you , if i catch the prrpertrader ill deskin there face and tear there head off and throw it down the street like a bowling ball period

        • Chickendogg says:

          Im with you , if i catch the perpetrator… ill deskin there face and tear there head off and throw it down the street like a bowling ball period tired of this nonsense

  2. Akim says:

    Recovering your money in the event of a scam is not easy. In some cases, it is even impossible.

    Ressource :

    However, some companies have specialized in this task. This is the case of the Broker Defense [ ], with which Scamwatcher has become a partner. It provides its customers with several solutions to help them recover their funds.

    Warning – Recovery Scams :

    If you lost money in a cryptocurrency, forex, binary options scam, or any other type of scam, be careful of offers to get your money back. These offers may be schemes to steal more of your money. Recovery scams target victims who have already been scammed. They usually ask for payment upfront before you receive any money back.

    If you’ve been scammed recently, be prepared to protect yourself from these follow-up schemes.

    Prevention tips :

    – Never pay before receiving any service. They might ask you to pay small fees or a deposit to start the recovery process. Those fees will keep increasing over time. Better to never pay upfront. They might even justify asking for fees upfront by giving you reasons why the fees can’t be taken from the money after it’s recovered.

    – If there is a website and the images, the logos, the seals, and signatures are of poor quality, turn back now and report the website on Scamwatcher.

    – Never give your bank account details to anyone, even if they say it will be used solely so the recovered funds can be deposited directly. Those account numbers can be used to take money out of the account.

    – Finally, save yourself all this trouble and check all websites and emails with our web trust analysis tool Scamdoc. [ ] It will quickly give you a trust score for the website or email you provided. That way, you can make an informed decision.

    Stay safe out there !

    • Donna Hawes says:

      I have been scammed by a sit called Also by Laptop Sale Store. All of them advertised on Facebook so I trusted them. Unfortunately now CashApp the card I used for my purchases won’t help me get my money back so I am out almost $100 dollars.

      • Heather Blackwelder says:

        Same here. I can’t believe cash up will just let that happen. They sent me a paper that said this fake company took my money and they said that they denied my claim because they feel that the seller held up their end of the bargain. The paper that they based that decision on didn’t say anything about what I was buying or when it would be shipped or anything. Stupid cash app. I’m switching banks.

  3. Mandisa Kunene says:

    Ssloans and intellecom scammed me for a job

  4. Tracy says:

    Hi I would like some help ive been scammed by a company called unique garden

    • Akim Lanani says:

      Hello Tracy, sorry to hear that. We’ve had a few reports about Unique-Garden on You should go take a look at those reports. I know there are quite a few comments from other users who’ve come across that site and have also been defrauded. I’m sure if you ask for help there someone will surely answer you or you might even find a solution.

      • Niyomuhoza Lionel says:

        I have been scammed by gravitaseblock. I cannot find any solution on getting my money back

  5. I have recently been made aware of a fraudulent company I made purchased 4 tires with them in April and gave ample time for delivery but as of July 12.2022 I still have not received any tires. Nor have I been able to receive any comments from the merchant.

    • Akim says:

      Have you paid by credit card? If so, you should give them a call and start looking at your options to dispute the charge.

      • If I do that then they’re going to cancel my credit card and I’ll pay everything with it. I would love to have the scooter that I was expecting and ordering to get because I desperately need it but I’m not going to get what I need then I need my money back. I have their name and phone number and email address so where do I start I’ve never been through this before can you please help

        • tw says:

          I would get a new credit card ASAP and take the chance.
          Any company that would cancel your credit card for fighting a scam, does not deserve your business, they are scammers. Don’t wait, time is not on your side.

  6. Christina says:

    I just want to know if is a scam..I’m reading some say no and some say yes…smart business says the SSL is good and it’s been around for 3yrs..So I don’t know what to think..

    • Akim says:

      Hi Christina,

      SSL certificates are bought and are never a guarantee that a website isn’t a scam. Its simply an indicator that the communication channel you are using with the website is secure. It does not mean that what you see on the website, the links, etc. are safe.

      Here are two ways for you to verify if a website is a scam or not :

      1. ScamDoc our very own digital trust rating tool.
      – If you search in ScamDoc, you’ll see for yourself that it has a very poor trust index.

      2. Using the search bar in, you get instant access to thousands of reports on scams and fraudulent websites.
      – A quick search brings up this result :

  7. Tanja says:

    is this valid for EU countries also?
    Is it possible to have money refund by a bank / credit card company?

    thank you in advance,

    • Do you like me? says:

      Nema on pojma o zivotu, a kamoli o prevarama na onlajn trgovinama. Ljudi mu pisu da pomogne, ali ovaj samo laprda bezveze. I to na komentare koje razumije, ove ostale ne ve😆 ronmo. Taj je tupio u školi, isprali mu mozak. A sto se tiče tog povrata, mislim da može, sad i u eu amerka došla!!

  8. I was scammed by a company called Rarakara. I charged it on my Cash Back Signature Visa Card with my Silver State Schools Credit Union so I should call my bank?

  9. M A Salam says:

    I have been scummed by Keitomart om 20th July 2022 after purchased the Item no even repky ehen I emailed to them paid them via my visa account any help to get back my money I need this thanks

    • jeq says:

      the ketodieting ad links the whole thing is a ghoste app that they trick u n2 purchesing n they downlaod it 2 get access 2 ur personals n all ur intel on ur access

  10. I was scamed by a company called Malikay for mobility scooter I never received and when I tried to contact they disappeared

  11. Stefanie Johnson says:

    I’m not certain I have been scammed, yet. However, I have been looking into my order and contacting the merchant for tracking info. When I search my order, the items I ordered appeared but instead of saying the items were shipped, it tells me instead that my items are awaiting shipment. So I took to the internet to dig up some info. Immediately, info appeared concerning fraud. OH NO! I’m fearing I may have been scammed. Its still too early to know for sure. I really want the items I ordered but must admit, the prices were a bit too good to be true – so, now I sit and wait while I worry! This sucks! How unfair! Crossing my fingers that the site was legit and they are sending me the goods!

  12. Mariaelena says:

    I just ordered a heating device that would save on my heating g bills but when I checked my bank app it had a warning about scams so I checked the page and done some digging to find out it was a scam but my payment is still pending so I think I stopped it in time

  13. Sheri Patterson says:

    4-5 weeks ago I ordered off of wowoac. should i be patient .I ordered with my debit card and it was taken out. what to do

  14. Roger Mcnail says:

    Is this website a scam

  15. Roger Mcnail says:

    I ordered a 2004 Honda 250 recon trx motor on here I still have not received any updates

  16. Mobile scooter for adults scam . 916 533 2672 cattlesupply .com email ad for remote fold up power scooter for adults for 49.98 . Never got the shipping# went o to company that charged me. But they didnt have motor scooters. Bank said they will try for refund. 2 minths ago this was. And i never got thr delivery or refund. All i got waa my order # but that was chasing useless no answers for help. Scam alert they are scammers. Also charge on bank said from cattlesupply co and

  17. Opkarikar appeared to sell me a pallet of goods, when fedex reported my package only weighed 2.1 lbs.

  18. Betty Jacobo says:

    I ordered 2 scooters, from two different company’s. Total $115.00 and neither one was delivered. I’m afraid I’ve been scammed.

  19. Marlene Silva says:

    I ordered 2 pallets from a website stating it is from Amazon warehouse having surplus of returned merchandise that they are selling for$34.79 each. I ordered 2 large pallets.
    Today I received a package the size 7inches long by 2inches wide.
    No labels,no instructions, very,very hard to open,I took a small knife to Pearce it open.It
    is an insult,inside there were very small,miniature tools.
    I am not sure what it could be used for.
    I want to return and get my money back.
    There were no company name or returned address on the package.
    I think it is a scam.

  20. Maria Mohale says:

    Hello. I was trying trading with deck crypto and I started with small money 6000rands and the lady told me that I will get 66000 Rands in seven days. When I was waiting for the money he asked me to put money again for her to trade and I asked her about 66000 Rands and she said that she wants me to get more money. The next minute she asked me to check my email and they were asking for more money because she has made a lot of money for me. They asked for 10 000 Rands and I will get withdrawal. After that she said I must pay tax clearance of 77 650 so that I can get withdrawal. I borrowed people money and I promised them to pay back but I didn’t get withdrawals. When I asked her the following day she said I must check my email maybe the money is late. She lied to me and the email was asking for another money 50000 Rands. Now that I am stuck with credit waiting for the money to be paid. I asked her she told me is for anti laundering clearance. I don’t have that money and I asked her to bring back my money but she kept saying I must borrow money. I am sick my blood pressure is high and headache every day. Please help me to get my money back.

  21. V says:

    I had 2 companys scam me so far. Thank god my discover is disgusting them and crediting me my money back.
    Companys are FocusNovelty/admiresadmits and Dziowa. Don’t trust them.

  22. Delia says:

    I got scammed by a company named oka order a heated scooter and I’ve emailed them and I still can’t get a straight answer what do I do now

  23. Katherine says:

    I ordered from two different companies ladledeep and upgradeevo I forget the name of the other one but I haven’t received any thing I’ve been scammed.

  24. Got scammed by Liclothina… Never received order and they don’t answer emails and the phone number is always busy

  25. I got scammed by who is associated with and a part of llc. Out of Santa clara California, According to my research. I used and iplookup to track this org down. I reread one email that was sent to me. Everyone needs to do this .. open up the header in your email correspondence with the suspected scammer. save all recieved email you can for later. Read thru th eheader very closely and scroll down you will find who sent and what sever sent the email time and if th ere is a secondary website covering them it will show all trafffic concerning the transaction. Dont throw or delete these emails . Keep them and if you file a complaint with the FTC and State attorneys offixce make sure they recieve these emails. It is your proof of the transaction. As far as Credit cards I didnt use a credit card I used a Debit card. According to mybank Ithey wuill not stop payment because themoney has allready been transfered when i asked who did the money got o or what financial institution they said they didnt have that info.. hmmm.
    All i had was the day and time and amount of the transaction I couldnt get anymore info out of my banking institution.I cannot contact anyone on the email suport given to me in the email i recieved on the purchase order . The email is rejecting my sent mail.

  26. Sylvie says: …keep away from them. They are scam. Prices too low to be real. And has a 2% trust so not trustworthy. You can even receive an empty box or not the right items. And they don’t refund like they say. I’m the dumb one of buying in a new website without researching about it. I cancelled my credit card and following the bank proceeders for being refunded.

    • Laura says:

      I got scammed by shein …yes popular shein which isn’t so popular in my book!I ordered clothes fore and my husband and it’s been 30 day and it said it was delivered but post office told me I think you’ve been scammed.🤬

  27. Tonya says:

    I ordered items from a website that I hadn’t heard from before but they had amazing prices so I went ahead and ordered approximately 8 items that totalled around 100 bucks, well I’ve been waiting for close to two months now and whenever I’ve emailed them I have never once got an email back and when I tried to track the order it says order not found,, I’m afraid I may as well face that I’ve been scammed, I don’t know what to do now cause I don’t think that I’ll ever get back a dime from this fake site,,I guess I should of looked into it more before I trusted them ,, even the company name was weird,it was called ZVC Fadel Beatty Ltd.

  28. PIOTR says:


  29. Mesila says:

    I got scammed by a site called They sent me the fitbit I ordered but I was stupid, didn’t read the TOS and found out they have the right to charge me 191 dollars a month and give my card info to any third party they please. The site has a dead cancelation number and no email address. What’s more I used my PayPal debit card to order this so now I have to cancel my PayPal account. It’s thrown my whole life into chaos. I am wondering if I should return the item or just claim it was never sent? I am on disability, I can’t afford this, I have no credit.

  30. Jonna says:

    Scam website that was recently shut down. I paid by PayPal, but when the order went through, it was a personal account and not a business one, so PayPal won’t refund the money. I asked them to please cancel this account and to look into it, as I’m pretty sure committing fraud would be against the customer agreement with PayPal. It has been extremely hard to report this to PayPal. However, without using PayPal, they would have had my credit card number, so I’m grateful for that, at least! Unfortunately, my default was my bank account, not a credit card, so I apparently can’t get refunded by the credit card company. The name of the PayPal account was Michelle Roberts, and the shop was

  31. rufet says:

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    • rufet says:

      salam bu sayıta inamayın www. wsmileevertwos com mən zakaz verdim hələmdı gəlməyib necə mənə dəyən zərəri ödədirim

      • Matteo says:

        Ho acquistato 2 articoli su questo sito per un totale di circa 36 euro. Il giorno dopo, mi sono addebitati i soldi dalla mia postepay.
        Provo a contattarli sul loro indirizzo mail trovato sul sito, ma la mail non arriva perché l indirizzo risulta inesistente.
        Qualcuno può aiutarmi?

  32. Tim L Shykes says:

    i will not buy from china on ebay or any other sight.
    I have been scammed for the first and last time.
    If it sounds too good to e true it is, i did get them back by telling them i didn’t get my refund so i got my money back twice. winner winner chicken dinner

  33. I bought 4 blankets for my granddaughters for Christmas. They were to have their names printed on them. I pd $39 a piece for them.

  34. Ahmed Badr says:

    I paid 50 $ to today and i am afraid to not recieve the box of Amazon wholesale pallet

  35. I almost bought from the website today on marketplace on Facebook but something told me not to before checking the website out and I’m glad I did. I notice there are a ton of to good to be true sites on there so be careful on FB. I’ve been scammed a couple times but my online bank was very helpful and my PayPal account was also very helpful and I got my money back even though they disappeared PayPal and chime both gave me my money and dealt with them on their own. I showed them all evidence of purchase and how I continued to email but never responded and they also never got a reply and right away they handled my refund and took care of the scammers.

  36. Teresa says:

    I was scammed by a company send made 2orders the same day have order numbers one they sent me a tracking number this was November 20 2022 and to this day I have received nothing and email doesn’t work

  37. Toni says:

    Hi there, I purchased a pallet of electronic items off a website and instead of getting 30+ items, only got 2 things. The website was I paid using my VisaDebit Card. The cost was just shy of $100 in my currency. I have tried to email them a couple of times but it doesn’t work, I get an email from ‘postmaster’ saying it wasn’t delivered. Website stated that shipping would be done from California, and that they had warehouses in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. So when I got my tracking info and saw that it was coming from China, I started to get worried, so I emailed them, but as I said before, it doesn’t work. Is there any way or anything I can do to get my money back? Also, I’m from New Zealand.

  38. Constance Shelby says:

    I been waiting for a whole month for the hoodies I have order from my cash app and I haven’t received anything from them not a email or a response I order this Dec 12/2023 they sent me a email saying that they delivered it and I didn’t receive the hoodies come up to $21.97 so they just stole people money they work hard for that’s not right

  39. Constance Shelby says:

    The website is they just took my money that a shame they that hard up for money they say they from China and order delivered on 1/4/ 2023

  40. I was scammed by Matssctx and usovah. My granddaughter ordered things for herself in December. Still nothing and goggled them. Scammers!!!! Thieves!!!!!

  41. Debbie Thomas says:

    Hello, I was recently scammed from a site called Lingofeel. It’s suppose to be a clothing store. I tried emailing them and no response, they still haven’t shipped my order out that I ordered on January 4th. They don’t have a phone number on their site. I’ve been doing some investigation into this company, found out it’s ran by another one called Kentesh Ltd. Found out that it’s being run by a chinese woman named Qing Miao. I’d love to find this person!

  42. scam me over 125.00 dollars they r a rip off I been trying get my money back I can’t find a phone number for them these people r low life sob it’s a shame we let these people get our money n can’t get it back if I had number I call them or a address if they was n the USA please people b careful

  43. Rita Fort says:

    I have been scammed by .Out $26.96.They will not get back to to you or nothing. Just want my money back please.

  44. Lolo58 says:

    hi i have invested in this platform that calls
    these are scam platform sites
    and this is the scam platform email:
    and when I invested with the scam platform and everything was fine and i was delighted and when it was time to withdraw all the funds and they asked me for a lot of commissions and a lot of taxes and it was really a nightmare really and the customer service was very bad and very threatening and from there I realized it was a scam

  45. Hartley says:

    I will recommend and advise anyone who’s a victim of crypto scam to reach out to capitalrecovery. Tech they’re expert in stolen crypto.

  46. Phyllis humphriss says:

    Hi I’ve been scanned quite a few times by different company’s my bank got me some refunds but theirs still a few son is factorue for a embroidery machine favared Amazon pallet and burnique for material they say it’s been delivered pay pal has declined the case and won’t pay I have sent emails to the merchant but no response

  47. Tried to contact but can no longer reach their site. Never did recieve my merchandise. They say it has been delivered to the addressee but I HAVE NOT RECIEVED IT. WHAT CAN I DO ?

  48. Zoltan says:

    Ordered a medium pallet of electrical items, received a small cheap screwdriver set. Emailed them on all 5 costumersupport email address, no answer. Paid by PayPal, any luck to get refund?

  49. Kate says:

    I have to share that as a company you are a disaster.
    I have ordered several pieces of clothing since February.
    Neither the order nor the funds have been returned to me, despite the countless emails I sent you and 5 months of lying that I will get the money back.
    Shame on you thieves.

  50. Steve says:

    Page not found
    Shareright caret
    We are sorry, the page you’re looking for can’t be found on the Department of Justice website.

    Please try the following:

    Use the Search to search for words or phrases.
    Check the URL you entered for possible errors, including the use of upper and lower case letters.
    Some files associated with previous administrations have been moved to the Archive section of the Department website.
    Updated December 8, 2022this the link you posted here not with jack smiths info whats going on here

  51. Steve says:

    ok he posted a ling with the us Justice department here non exsistent ? really then why haven’t you updated or is to how many acty responce to this .

  52. Tim says:

    I ordered a drain auger from have an order # was charged . Ordered and they got their money immediately 6 14 23 its now 7 17 23. Said it would be shipped repeatedly. They’d give me a tracking number. Nothing! Come to find out its a house address in florida!

  53. Mir axed rahaman says:

    Hi my order number is 202306067377788 .I order 06\10\23 until now I donot get my thing s .please Faber for md?

  54. Sunny says:

    I have decided not to purchase items from China on Amazon or any other website. I had a negative experience where I was scammed, and it will be my last. From now on, I am more cautious when something seems too good to be true. In fact, I managed to get my money back twice by informing them that I didn’t receive my refund. It feels like a small victory for me.

  55. Deedree says:

    I was scammed by While we gather here and complain, nothing is done aboutit. As this scammers are enable by the same social media we trust for entertainment. My hope foe financial freedom, got me into trouble with this scammers.

    If I had the means to track this scammers, I will and make them disappear one at a time.

  56. Jared says:

    Yes I ordered a couple products from a couple different websites that were advertising and sponsored by Facebook and I used my debit card to purchase the items. Well turns out that both websites were scammers and I haven’t been able to get my merchandise or my money back. I went to the one website called and looked up their contact information and I emailed them several times with no response back and I called the phone number they had listed and the number was disconnected and no longer in service. So how do you go about getting your money refunded from a total scam of a website that doesn’t even exist but they took the funds off of my debit card. Another thing I would really like to know is how can Facebook sponsor and let these scammers advertise on their social media platform without even doing a background check or whatever to check if they are letting a legitimate business advertise and sell on their platform or if they are just letting scammers advertise and scam on their platform but they will fact check your posts to see if your post is factual or if it contains non factual information and remove your post if it does contain non factual information but at the same time they do nothing to check out who they are sponsoring and letting scam the people who use Facebook and they don’t care. So what’s the deal is Facebook in on the scam with these fraudulent websites and taking a cut of the money the scammers are stealing and that’s why they let them advertise and scam people on their platform and do nothing about it or what?

  57. WANDA NEELY says:

    i got scamed by some company called cloudssntric. never got a conformation or nothing . not even my product… i dont really know how to go about getting my money back. this company is a tru scsm CLOUDSNTRIC. PLEASE EVERYPNE BE CAREFUL OF THESE PEOPLE

  58. Pamela says:

    I need help please

  59. Saddam238 says:

    I need a help the money I used is not even mine, I was about to send for jail until we sold our own family house because of this scammer they scammed me while order from Amazon merchant alliance please help me get my money back..

  60. I was charged 39.00 for something I don’t even know what the purchase is . I would never make a purchase from someone I don’t even know about.

  61. Roger Surprenant says:

    Ola Akim. Roger S. here in Phoenix AZ. Won’t waste (our) time with my story. I simply wanted to thank you for your “information consolidation”. It’s filled with knowledge, and as we know, that’s power, so I don’t feel quite as… Hmmm… what’s that word? Seriously, Thanks for your time.

  62. Jhonatan says:

    Hola e visto comentario negativos de un sitio web de amazóni que venden cosas no reclamadas por facebook y yo compre antes de ver los comentarios y no se como rechazar la compra porque no meda esa opcion que puedo hacer para que me devuelvan el dinero

  63. Tunde Bartis says:

    hello, I want you to remove me from that subscription

  64. Tunde Bartis says:


  65. Nozipho says:

    Hi I’ve been scammed by this online Ted Baker South Africa, bought 2 handbags from them & the payment went through but I never received any email or tracking number about my order

  66. Eva. Hart says:

    I did order a dress online from this website and received the dress. Days later I received an identical dress for the same price of $56.98. Would like a refund for the additional dress. The first one is just fine. Eva Hart

  67. Fiz duas compras de Bondex de 4l neste site por 30€ quando recebi o email de confirmação era de outra empresa e estranhei porque já me tinha acontecido algo idêntico quando recebi a encomenda era uma bijuteria sem valor pedi ajuda ao meu banco para reaber o dinheiro e quando imprimi o extracto do cartão fiquei cego pois o pagamento tinha sido de 33€ vou devolver o que recebi para a direcção que vem no site a partir de agora não pago nada com cartão de crédito só PayPal

  68. Pedro says:

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  69. Veronica willy says:

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