Legal Notices

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To contact the ScamWatcher team, please visit our “Contact” section. The information to reach us is available there.

Site Operation

ScamWatcher is a community platform for reporting and learning about scams. It welcomes more than a million users each month. Reports and comments are published by users without prior moderation (similarly to social networks).

Responsibility for Published Content

Users are responsible for the content they publish. ScamWatcher does not control this information in advance and cannot be held responsible for its content as long as a request for moderation in compliance with the law is not made.

Procedure for Reporting a Scam

If you are a witness or victim of a scam, you can share your experience via our online reporting form. Instructions for modifying or deleting a report are also available on our site.

Management of Illegal Content

In case of illegal content, first contact the author(s). If no action is taken, you can request the removal of content from our team, in compliance with this guide in accordance with French law.

Personal Data Protection

In accordance with the GDPR, ScamWatcher protects users’ personal information. Only judicial authorities may request access to this information.

Cookies and Private Data

We use cookies to improve the user experience and store certain information, such as email address and IP address, in accordance with legislation. These data are not transmitted to third parties, except upon judicial requisition.

Publications and Jurisdiction

The information published on ScamWatcher is not subject to prior moderation. In case of a dispute, French law is applicable, and the courts within the jurisdiction of the Reims Court of Appeal are competent.