Family emergency scams

Did you get a text saying it’s your daughter/sister asking you for urgent help? Tread carefully, because it just might be a scammer trying to dupe you into sending them...

What is a “Yahoo Boy”?

A Yahoo Boy is a scammer abusing the trust of internet user to make him/her pay money in various forms. This type of scammer is particularly present in West Africa (Ivory...

Who was Victor Lustig?

Victor Lustig is a con man from the beginning of the twentieth century known for the case that inspired the book “The Man Who Sold the Eiffel Tower” and a short film by...

5 tools to check if a website is trustworthy

how to make the difference between a site you can trust and a real scam? The answer is simple: by using a dedicated tool. There are indeed sites that analyze the reliability of other sites. Here is the list of the 6 leaders. Don’t hesitate to overuse them !

5 tips for detecting a scam site

In the small world of scams, those involving a website to trap you are often among the most elaborate, and also the most complicated to detect for the average web surfer. Fortunately, scam hunters have gathered in recent years some simple tips to avoid them.

ScamDoc : A revolutionary new website to counter scams

ScamDoc is a website that instantly provides information on about how much you can trust a digital identity. Just go to the site and enter the address of the website on which there might be doubt. In a few seconds and as if by magic, a complete analysis is done.