All you need to know about Chargeback

You read your bank statement and see a sum you don’t recognize – but do not fear. Once you’ve made sure that it was for an unauthorized transaction there are certain protections in place to ensure the return of your money. That’s where chargeback comes to the rescue. In its simplest form, it results in the reversal of transferred funds. Known as a payment dispute, chargeback is when a cardholder asks the card-issuing bank to reverse the payment and return their money. In such cases, disputed funds are held from the business until the issue is resolved. It’s a tedious process with plenty of documentation involved, however funds are eventually returned to the bank holder if the bank rules in their favor.

In recent years, customers have become more vocal about their consumer rights and this has seen a 20% increase in chargebacks, according to stats by ClearSale. Chargebacks cost merchants $11.2 billion in 2015, $19 billion in 2017 – a number that keeps rising. Merchants complain that consumers are taking advantage of the regulations and using chargebacks as though they were a refund system, straddling them with additional fees they wouldn’t have to pay in the case of an ordinary refund.

Merchants complain that they now need protection against the very system created to protect consumers. But that has not always been the case, and there was a time when there were no customer protections in place.

History in the USA

The first reported case of identity theft took place in the United States in 1899 when a livestock farmer received a credit card from a transportation company. These cards, at the time, were handed out so that passengers could ride private carriages on credit and pay later. Thinking he wouldn’t need such an extravagance, he threw away the card he received, only to find out the hard way what can happen when someone steals your identity. He was charged $27 – over $700 in today’s value – for rides he did not take. Unfortunately, he was forced to pay the bill and it wasn’t until the 1970s that regulations finally came into place in the United States aimed at protecting consumers from such injustices.

With credit cards becoming more widespread and fraud more rampant, two acts came into place: the Fair Credit Billing Act (1974) and the Electronic Fund Transfer Act (1978). The first addressed fears of consumers worried that merchants would inflate prices or tack on transaction fees to their cards and the second Act provided debit card fraud protection to limit liability in cases of fraud however stopped short at stipulating repayment of any money withdrawn from a person’s account. These were the first regulations with the Fair Credit Billing Act being the first to create what is now known as chargeback.

Four decades later, there were seven data breaches from 2013 to 2015 which affected six billion consumers whose personal information was exposed as well as billions others who were hacked with criminals using their information in counterfeit transactions. Recognizing that the chargeback system wasn’t working the Visa Claims Resolution (VCR), a new dispute process, was rolled out in 2017 and Mastercard is implementing its own Dispute Resolution Initiative in 2020.

Reasons for a chargeback

Chargebacks are similar to refunds in that a dissatisfied customer receives a reversal of a purchase, however there are differences between the two as chargebacks are due to illegitimate charges, scamming and credit card theft, whereas refunds are for damaged goods, substandard quality, wrong items and late delivery, etc.

The main reasons given for chargebacks are the following:

  1. A stolen credit card was used to make the purchase (30 %)
  2. The purchase never arrived due to loss or scamming (26 %)
  3. The retailer shipped the wrong product (16 %)
  4. The product fell below customer expectations (4 %)
  5. The product didn’t match the website description (4 %)
  6. The order was double billed or there were other clerical errors (3 %)

A 2019 study by Midigator found that fraud-related disputes accounted for most chargebacks in 2017 and 2018, however the report added the reasons which a cardholder’s bank assigns for chargebacks don’t always give the most accurate depiction of reality as they go merely on information given by the cardholder which may be skewed.

Cases where a cardholder uses the chargeback process incorrectly are called ‘friendly fraud’, but there is nothing friendly about it as it causes huge headaches for businesses. Midigator’s study found that 70.85 % of disputes were categorized as unauthorized transactions, however 77.25 % of these were found to be friendly fraud. For instance, a customer may dispute a charge with the credit card company, however their disputes are not genuine eg claiming to not have received an item when they had, claiming not to know who charged them or that their card was stolen when it wasn’t, etc. Such falsified information, were it to take place in a bricks-and-mortar shop, would be considered shoplifting.

Not having protection for consumers however could result in even more tragic circumstances for consumers who may be preyed upon or have their identity stolen, scammed or tricked out of fortunes.

How to initiate a chargeback

Initiating a chargeback is easy to apply for, but it kicks off a tedious process. For this reason, other avenues should be tried before resorting to this. In genuine cases when a chargeback should be given, the consumer should do the following:

Contact the merchandiser

Give the merchandiser the opportunity to rectify the problem. For instance, if you lost a package in the mail or received damaged goods, give the store owner a chance to make amends. It’s cheaper for merchants to give you a refund rather than have to pay a sizable fee in the case of a chargeback dispute. If you have no customer service contact details or can’t come to a solution with the merchandiser, then – and only then – move onto the next step.

Visit your credit cardholder

File a dispute with the issuer of your credit card. Explain the problem and the reason you are challenging it. This will be forwarded to the merchant who can either refund the transaction or prove that the transaction was legitimate. The merchant will need to respond within 30 days and will lose the dispute if no response is forthcoming. The credit card company may return your money while the chargeback process is still underway though that is at the discretion of different credit card holders.

A note worth bearing in mind at this stage is that there may be repercussions should you file a complaint. For instance, the merchandiser may ban you from shopping at their store. Sony warns Playstation users in advance that this is what they’ll do. Furthermore, if it is found that you are engaging in friendly fraud, your bank may also take action against you.

Start the process one at a time

The actual process for starting a chargeback is different for each credit card company whether it be American Express, Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, Citibank, and Discover. When filing a dispute, make it as detailed as possible. Include details of all dealings you have had with the merchandiser regarding this particular purchase including all emails.

In the worst case scenarios, double refund chargebacks result in customers getting refunds at the same time as their bank initiates chargebacks only to pay for one item and receive return payment for two. But as they say ‘easy come, easy go’ and sooner or later this mistake will be found and the money will disappear as magically as it poofed into your account in the first place.

Once a file is made

The chargeback process is an uphill battle. Once a claim is filed, the bank issuer investigates the claim to identify the transaction. In cases where the consumer appears to have a legitimate claim, the cardholder overturns the transaction and forwards the claim to the merchant who can review it and decide whether it is worthwhile to appeal the information.


The merchant may decide to fight back, refute the consumer’s claim and uphold the original state of the purchase. The merchant will need to bring forth compelling evidence to refute the cardholder’s claim. The case will be reviewed and if the bank issues a verdict in the merchant’s favor, funds will be returned to the merchant.

Online claims

Chargeback claims can be processed entirely online. In some cases, it is as easy for consumers as clicking on a “dispute” button next to the amount of the purchase on their credit cards. It is so easy, in fact, that business owners complain that it is easier for people to make claims for refunds than to approach merchants first to find a solution.

Consumers have 120-180 days in which to file a chargeback on a credit card purchase, however merchants have around 30 days to respond. The 2018 Visa Claims Resolution Initiative further reduced the window for merchants to respond to Visa chargebacks from 45 to 30 days and cardholders and credit card issuers have 30 days to respond to rebuttals. Business owners complain that the short time frame does not give them enough time to address the claims.

Tips for consumers

  • Be informed of all the ways in which you may be scammed or your identity may be stolen to avoid, as much the possible, the drama of having to file a chargeback claim in the first place.
  • Keep all paperwork when making transactions
  • Visit the merchandiser before making your claim to try and resolve this between the two of you
  • Make sure the company you don’t recognize in the transaction isn’t a company you’ve dealt with under a different name
  • You have more consumer protections when you use a credit card for purchases
  • Be warned that some companies have been known to ban consumers who file chargebacks.

126 Responses

  1. Carol DeSena says:

    I ordered a Quick Grill on 10/31/2020 order # 10683QG the money was taken out of my account as of today I received nothing I tried emailed them several times again nothing so disappointed that this company is scamming so many people & I cannot do anything about it This is crazy

    • I noticed on my bank statement that £22.89 was taken out of my bank from a company I don’t know.and I can’t even get an email address up for them

    • Georgia Roy says:

      Same, I ordered an Air Fryer and had the same experience as you. I was advertised on Face Book

      • I have been scammed twice now from advertisers on Facebook!!! Facebook should he held responsible as far as I am concerned. They have the manpower to censor people they don’t like or block posts they don’t like, they can do some fact checking on their advertisers also!!! I ordered a pair of jeans from

        • Jessy says:

          I 100% agree with you i have been scammed by things advertised on Facebook. I think Facebook must get paid to show these ads so they don’t care if people get scammed it doesn’t cost them a penny. However they are advertising the fraudulent ads so they should be held responsible.

          • Bradley Anthony says:


          • Betty Rummage says:

            I agree. I was just scammed for these ads for Amazon/Walmart overstock. DON’T FALL FOR THIS SCAM. I RECIEVED A PAIR OF SOCK AND A CHEAP MAN’S WALLET.

        • David says:

          I agree and have been scammed twice as well. First from a China rug company that sent a worn out piece of junk instead of the black and white 3d appearing vortex rug and then by Lee of Jamiaca NY who advertized metal sculpture mother in law tongue for use outside which turned out to be paper and styrophome. Of course there was no way of returning it.

          • Jony says:

            If you look at the advertisements you need to read the description at least 3 times, they will have a picture of a person on a bike and use the bikes name to advertise yet they are selling the helmt, or another one is the pistol yet it is just a sign of the pistol. If your intersted in a product always make sure you have a trade aggreement in place. Thats how Baddazz Systems managed to protect its clients. Unfortunatly Covid hit and shipping costs skyrocketed and regulations were put in place. We are however crawling back up again so next time try utilizing a company you can trust. It might seem cheaper going direct to the factory but the risk is alot higher.

        • David Fountain says:

          Scammed out of $55.57 for a round large 3 tier black rotating shelf, buy 1 get one free PURCHASED ON FACEBOOK JUICING GROUP POST THRU PAYPALL PAY
          SHIPPED $1.00 toothbrush instead from
          ( Lee 147-03 182 st. Jamaica, NY. 11413)

          • Paula Ligoci says:

            I also got scammed it was from Fast Chain Inc.1230 Santa Ave in California for the Multi Rotating Kitchen Shelf for $34.98. They sent me a plastic pocket or purse or what ever you want to call it with a cat face 5″ x 6″ worth about 50 cents. I have 3 working days to return for a refund. Are you kidding me? Facebook should be accountable for these scammers.

          • I’ve had the toothbrush con too, plus cheap safety glasses on another one…been ripped off with electric scooters not coming,twice…something gotta be done !!

        • Beverley Saindon says:

          🌹NEVER Buy Anything Directly Off FACEBOOK!
          Always click on the 3 dots either Top Right or Bottom Right corner. Select, “Open With Browser”. Before continuing, go back to your Facebook page and click top left X to close the page. Now seeing the company’s website on your browser, you can investigate if that company looks/is legit. If the reviews are too good to be true, it probably isn’t.
          Next, do a Full Internet Search on the company and it’s reviews by using the “” “Better Business Bureau”. Input the company name and here you will find a score and perhaps many complaints from receiving no merchandise, quality, etc., as well as customer service. On Google or other search engine, do a search with the company name followed by “… Honest Reviews”.
          Being careful and doing your research will save you from possibly losing your well earned, saved money. Do let these scammers take your money from you. 🌹

          • Janet keto says:

            Thanks, great information. I am currently being scammed with the ninja air fryer from FB.
            How could I be so dumb? Three different emails listed for them and there’s no response. I have just reported this scam.
            I agree that FB should pay as much attention to the ads posted as they do with censoring! Disgusted with their policies.

        • Vladimir says:

          If they fact checked Donny dotard wouldn’t have got a word out ever.

        • Karen says:

          I agree with Facebook being held responsible for their advertisers, check them out before letting people get scammed. I ordered a beach wagon and got and bag on two wheels

    • I ordered a patio set 21/2months,havent recieved ANYTHING! Cant get in touch with anyone from CROWNKOFK.COM. the phone #405-4527408 is fraudulent/it just REJECTS your call,then hangs up! I dont have $98.95to give like this! I’m a senior citizen,on a set income. I wish i knew what to do to get mymoney back!!! HELPPP!!!!

  2. I order and paid for a wig that they sent me the wrong one on 11/10/2020. Order number D17EWT35801 for 38.38. Don’t nobody have time to play with these people. I need my money back are something

  3. Jestina benjamin says:

    I order doll for my granddaughter on the 17th of June 2020 an I never receive it the price £29 00 they took£39 78 my transaction number is 57r29403vy8732948 invoice number is c12583388479557 from dotzero pre Ltd

  4. I ordered two items from apparently two different companies. it seems as they are coming from the same one company which uses different addresses and names. One item was Monocular that was advertised on Facebook and the other was a 4D Anatomical Assembly Model of Human Organs. Both items were miniature replicas and totally different of what was advertised. Definitely not worth the $59.95 for the Monocular and $99.95 for the 4D Human Organs. I believe Facebook should also be held accountable because they are receiving money to allow these sites to advertise. They should be held accountable for fraudulent advertising.

  5. Dixie Turner says:

    Was double charged from tvFix and they the antennas do not work! Do not recommend buying them.
    Advertised to save on cable expenses.

  6. Agnes Morin says:

    Ordered grill on November 6, a scam I have received nor will they reply. I received nothing but was charged

  7. Michael Mokone says:

    I was promised to receive I phone for R25 but I have never received it and they have debited my account for the second time ,please help I need my money back. This is fraud

    • Robin Beck says:

      Cancel whatever banking information you gave them or they might keep charging you as a “subscribing” customer. Scams like that can be hard to break without cutting off the source. I know it’s a pain,but it might be the only way. Good luck.

  8. Nush says:

    I hate scammer! I bought a phone with 500$ to my nephew and until now i don’t get it… They gave me a fake tracking number. Hopefully those scammer got punishment soon!

  9. Brian merrett says:

    I paid £60 for a battery scooter on 26 11 2020 I have sent 6 e mails but nothing I’m a pensioner and can’t afford to lose this money.surely they should be stopped trading.

  10. Jonas wieselgren says:

    Hi, I bought BLK from, I have transfered BTC and then convert them into BLK. Now I tried to convert BLK to BTC I don’t find any option to exchange or take out. I will be very greatful if some body help me about that.

  11. Donna says:

    I was scammed out of 76.66 from ordering stuff from a discount store. Ordered on 11/21/20 from a and email address I never received any items I ordered. The website and email address is listed as fraud. I wish there was a way to get my money back.

  12. Linda webb says:

    Ordered a pro ruler bundle kit , never received it ! No number to call, trying to contact for refund or item since my credit card was charged! a have my order # but can’t seem to contact anyone..must be a scam!!😡😡😡

    • Jack meoff says:

      I ordered two dildos at $159.00 a pop and a pocket 79 year old pussy 500.00 and I only received a fucking hairy ass hole to fuck like talk abould getting screwed

  13. I ordered (2) wooden number games around the end of Nov. and as of this date have received no notice of shipment or the games themselves. Trans. ID 3T910842TD3648543, INV. ID C157533466134156.1. This was a Black Friday promotion. Expect to hear something on the shipping of these items.

  14. Brian Parks says:

    I’m sorry about all these people getting scammed, it’s terrible. But I’m glad I was able to read all your comments on this website. I feel bad, however, all of you have done a great service to “I’m sure, tens of thousands of potential victims” from these scammers, myself included, and for that, I say THANK YOU for this eye opening information. I do think Facebook and PCH, and all the others should be responsible for getting all of you refunds. I’m sure just one click of a mouse, would weed out these fraud websites, but because they don’t, they should be held accountable. After all, they’re getting paid with your money from the scammers..

  15. ahmad says:

    They took money from my account. I need my money back!!

  16. Also won cell phone paid the delivery fee they took more then wat it package has day they took money from my account agen .

  17. Sihle says:

    I was scammed by an online trading company named Capitalstocktrade and when was about to withdraw, i was told that my account has problems and i need to pay more money before withdrawal

  18. Anabela Gonçalves says:

    Estou a fazer um empréstimo com a ca consumer finance através do bsbc France e já paguei 3500 euros e não tenho o crédito. Gostaria de saber se vocês conseguem me dizer se são empresas fiáveis.

  19. Anabela Gonçalves says:

    Por favor preciso de resposta urgente

  20. Jill says:

    I ordered 5 glass Christmas ornaments for $51 as gifts and finally received 3 flat, stamped rubber replicas of one of them. I never received the rest of the order. The site I ordered from was “Jierfit” but “ZJLogistics” is the return address listed on the shipping label. I have written countless emails to Jierfit and do receive responses, but they refuse to send me a return address and will not refund my money even though their policy states they will. Why are these companies allowed to continue advertising? There is no recourse from the US because the companies are based in Canada and China. This is so maddening!!!! Who the he** are they to take my money?!!

  21. Ronald Whitelock says:

    I ordered the large fire pit on dec 2 and just received o Jan 6 it the size of a ashtray this is not what I ordered

  22. Ian says:

    Songluxury has been coming out of my account for sometime now I not sure how long but awhile I thought it was my Apple Music but it’s not so I need some help with this please and thank you 🙏

    • Donna says:

      Go into your phone. Looking for websites that have your ID, that you’ve given baking permission. Poke around you will find it, you wont break your phone. When you find the file that hold all of those permissions, go crazy deleting! You will be surprised!

  23. graham says:

    Hyleen Technology .co ltd should be taken to court for cheating so many people on scaming people of there money & should not be allowed advertize any were i did not receive my mobility scooter to help me with my disabilty (stroke)

  24. Thomas Hancock says:

    I ordered 2 Honda seat belt extenders. I received 2 BMV and 2 Honda seat belt extenders neither of which worked. What a scam’ These people should be prosecuted and I should be charged with stupidity for using them.

  25. linda lattea says:

    hi i want my money returned now was not what i ordered this is the second time no 27.98 plus tax paid by visa im turning u in to bbb

  26. Sandra says:

    I bought two dance mats from Fottimy thought I thought they were from Amazon. They do not work! I was so excited to get them for a 3 and 5 year old who love to dance. They were advertised on Facebook and I was so happy to buy them. Turns out they are from China and they refuse to give me their address for a return and full refund. They have offered me first a 15 percent refund, and today 25 percent! Who wants a discount on something they cannot use? Worst on line purchase chase ever except the outdoor plants I ordered last summer – also from China (did not know that) that were not the plants that I ordered- just grass!!! What is happening?

  27. FlorinU says:

    Open a dispute with Paypal, I had my 80$ back in 10 days.

    • Denise says:

      i did a dispute, they still allowed this to go through and these people scammed me, even when paypal had many complaints on this company, how did you get your money back??

    • Want did you buy?

    • How do you open a dispute with PayPal…for I have been taken for a fraud action of purchasing 3 lounges and a kiosk for the garden….it cost me 495.95€
      Merchant just sent me that he would freeze my money for I told him that I am going to tell PayPal??

    • I opened a dispute through PayPal. I had emailed the seller numerous times without a response. I never reveived a tracking number. However the did reply to PayPal and my dispute was declined because the seller provided proof the package was delivered. The date and time they gave was actually when the package from the order I made through PayPal just previous to the which I never received. Now the website says “Domaine For Sale”. I’m aggravated with PayPal for not standing behind me on this purchase. It was over $100.

  28. Im990 says:

    I think it is good and can be trusted. And hope for it. Thank you.

  29. I was scammmed 1500 on the 26 January 2021

    • Zouheir Moussa says:

      2 pieces of chainsaws, payed online, from my bank,
      I don’t receive my order & I lost my moneys
      How can I get my money in return

      • Donnie L Starnes says:

        I got snookered on 1 DeWalt Miter Saw, & had to change card ! I won’t buy on line again if I’m not sure of Company !

  30. please send my order number

  31. Iftamam Elias says:

    please response back to me with your contact details

  32. On 12-22-20 I ordered the ELDERLY ELECTRIC SCOOTER for $38.88 w/shipping was $50.37. On 12-22-20 I received an email from PayPal saying you paid to Yiwu Baiye Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. the amount of $50.37. On 12-22-20 my bank was debited $50.37 by PAYPAL *BAIYEELECTR*.
    On 12-24-20 I received an email from PayPal stating the item was “SHIPPED”. It gave a tracking number with Shipper as China Post EMS and Seller as
    On 1-23-21 I received a small pkg with the same tracking number and NO RETURN ADDRESS. It had a small plastic item with 11 spaces on it and a sheet of numbers. It said to apply your phone number to it and attach it in your car. That’s it……………….. COMPLETE SCAM !!!
    Other names associated with this SCAM are: , , Fee Pop Stores , 2021 Specialty Store ,

  33. Carol Aiken says:

    I was sent two watches from Idex that I never ordered, looked the company up on line and it has history of scamming and sending products and charging people account. I want whatever they took out of my account to be replaced and will send these two cheap watches back.

  34. Annette says:

    Nulavance advert for free 30day anti aging cream toll today 31 Jan 2021. Only pay R70 for shipping + anther R70 total R140. I filled in online and right after I type the credit card nr in, there went of R1754.12. They are basterts. I tried to reach them but no way😢

  35. Tatiana says:

    Hice un pedido y no me llegó nunca id #471127 me retiraron $12.75 de mi tarjeta y fue en la fecha 05/28/2020 y no me llegó nunca

  36. I have been scammed by Lee of Jamaica New York. They take your money and send you a small trinket. (When I ordered a metal tounge drum with accessories they sent two small wooden dowels) When I ordered a banjolele they sent a paper asking for patience and promised delivery “soon”. When it got to be months later they claimed I had received a “partial delivery” and refused a refund.) Later they simply stopped all communication. Declared the company closed and began advertising the exact same items under a new email address. There always listing as almost sold out claim pay pal and 100% guaranteed return and refund. None of that is true. The last name they listed comes back to a trucking contractor in Africa. They even used their logo picture.

    • Betty Rummage says:


  37. ida says:

    I gave this platform a fair trial in a bid to make my money work for me especially in the middle of a pandemic but got burnt in the process. However, I was able to retract my lost funds with the help of investigators247 . Com team as advised because they came through with support immediately, I filed complaints against them that led to the return of my funds in the space of a week. I’ll recommend them anytime.

  38. I ordered a pair of jeans from PopRapt on January 22, 2021… I have yet to receive them but they took $44.80 from PayPal. It was advertised on Facebook… the order #1059

  39. Lety Ramirez says:

    i have been scammed from they dont reply snd they charged email from this fraudulent web is

  40. Ilene Brandenburg says:

    I paid for two quick-grill Montauban(1)67156032-$39.99;(2)67422186-$29.99-(1)int.fee $0.30-(2)int.fee $0.40- 10/30/2020-I received nothing for my money.

  41. Had ordered product 12-12-20 and cancelled order within 10 minutes. They never would tell be product name or price because it been so long since I ordered it. talk to them every day for 2 months to cancel product. Just kept saying it is on its way. They would not cancel order. The comp on return address is a scam center. They told me so. They said get package back from post office and contact them on what to do. Never heard from them since

  42. Meine Frau wurde auch Betrogen von, sie hat Home tainer bestellt und bezahlt. Hat geheissen das die Liferun erfolgt in 2 bis 5 Tage. Das war am 10 Februar 2021, heute 26 Februar 2021 aber keine Lieferung stattgefunden.

  43. I ordered a mini chain saw. I never received it. They state that it was delivered on Oct.31, 2020. Then I decided to dispute it with PayPal but they did not get my refund. In Feb.2021 I reordered the mini chain saw.Again I never received it. Pay pal told me that they would credit my account. On Feb. 26,2021 I received a pair of mens gloves! I never ordered the gloves!!!!!

  44. Brenda says:

    I have the same experience as Linda. I’m bout to take action.

  45. KESARI RAVI says:

    I have ordered but still not delivered why

  46. KESARI RAVI says:

    How can I contact the person

  47. I ordered an ice machine for 2999 with tax came to something how do you fix something I don’t know but anyway it did not show up I got a shovel for the school iCe out I want my money back

  48. I ordered a Nugget Ice Machine on January 8, 2021. And I want my money back or the product. Thank You.

  49. Iris Hart says:

    I have ordered a hand chainsaw recently.I hope that I have not been scammed. Senior citizens cannot deal with this. We have had to work hard over the years and do not expect to be fraudulently robbed.

    • Cynthia Copeland says:

      I orderd from an add on facebook and paid witj payal. The ads said $14.99 Take away everything in the container. Last chance to order . Amazon customer return pallets Online timed 1. Recieved a confirmation e-mail from Blue Banana from a NI – Saying my order is on the way.with a tracking number It then stated if I had any questions reply to this e-mail or contack us at I couldnot access that e-mail address I could not get ahold of the store or view my order . It did track my order but what I recieved was a set of ear a 5 by 5 package. On pay pal it said my paymet transaction will apear as LIUJIALILIU on my statement

  50. vivek mv says:

    I ordered 3 shirts 16.02.2021, from shirt4everr powered by (Shopify), cash all paid. no status for the delivery.
    But now the store unavailable how this
    Give back my money or give the product

  51. Katie Ann Zimmerman says:

    I ordered a watch on tophatter and it came with a scattered face. First bad thing from top hatter.

  52. Patricia Freese says:

    Beware of the Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders advertised on Facebook. They seem to have different venders but it is the same bird feeder. I ordered one from someone Lingyue Network Technology..rolanddouglas1993 and it never did come. I paid through Pay Pal and was charged on my credit card and no one will straighten it out. Think rolanddouglas is a scam and pay pal would not do anything. Said for me to go to the US Postal office and maybe they could get it straightened out. All I know is that I did not get the birdfeeder even though the vendor sent the credit card bank a memo giving them the tracking number. They said it was delivered to or around my mailbox. I don’t know if that thing would have fit my mailbox. The ones on facebook now say they have 5 lbs of birdseed and they have a electrical attachment on the bottom that looks like it would be 3 to 5 inches deep. Oh well, I guess I am out the 27.58 that I paid for it and I even paid an insurance fee. Just be careful ordering anything from Facebook. I will not order anything else through them…I am sorry about that since they do have some nice things.

  53. on Facebook total scam! Facebook should be ashamed of themselves! So called fack checkers on people posts but not on advertising. Shame on facebook!

  54. pomsycivil55 says:

    I was cheated by for $ 11,597.78. Is there a way to help me get my bucks back? Help please.

  55. Jesús Jaír castillocaicedo says:

    La plataforma presenta un proyecto de minería de la criptomonedas doge coin yo invertí el valor de 5000 usd para octener una ganacia de 2500 total reintegro 7500 pero días después cerraron la plataforma sin dar aviso alguno Este es el enlace que manejan

  56. DEBRA CHAMBERS says:

    Sure wish I had read all this before I order from settledowns. I guess I won’t be receiving my order either. I will be contacting pay pal.

  57. Rebecca Campbell says: scammed me too! On one of those birds nest chairs, i knew it was to good to be true, but took the chance to see if it was a scam and yep and i got taken for almost 28.00 or so.

  58. HELIANA MARIA says:

    Quero estorno do valor que ganhei ,seguindo as regras e cancelaram a transferência
    Isso não é justo
    Assistindo milhares de vídeos e agora sem o prêmio
    Aguardo retorno

  59. i was taken for 33.99 for a jacket on Dark Cute now i see they have changed there name to towncute. And as everyone else it was advertised on facebook and i am with the rest of you facebook should be held accountable.

  60. Jeri Maduscha says:

    Me too! contacted the company, and got alot of runaround! NO Product, lesson learned will not order of face book adds am still waiting on another order, and husband also paid for a large purchase WAITING by the way ,living on social security, and a very small pension

  61. Ngwako says:

    Zambesi Auto Sales is busy scamming people by using someone’s address n nothing is done bout dat. Their number is 0125160555. That name no longer exists on Sefako Makgatho Drive in Pretoria. There’s a lady by the name Sharon/Ethia working there n they r using Mkhwanazi’s Capitec acc to defraud people.

  62. Sylvia says:

    I ordered a Jesus statue from,and I never received the statue.I was charged for it and I paid it ,and I got a message that it was delivered on a date. Nothing never came.2weeks later, instead of my statue ,I never got, but a paper about 12by 12,picture of what I ordered. My money they got, but never my honest order. This was truly a Scam!!!!!

  63. Johnny Payne says:

    I have been scam buy lee

  64. Johnny Payne says:

    I have been scam buy lee to order ice cest that holds 80 cans of pop got one that holds 3 cans

  65. Susan Davis says:

    The problem is that the hummingbird feeder doesn’t work, because can’t fill with water without it coming out the flowers. I can’t get the end on the tube to close it.

  66. Magdalene Gee says:

    Do not know if this is a scam but the product that I have received I did not order still waiting on my stuff that I ordered

  67. Toni says:

    Ordered lifelike huskiepom and a lifelike monkey from two different places only got cheap stuffed animals! Don’t order from any site that says lifelike anything it’s all crap!

  68. gwen says:

    seems i am the only one who got a successful recovery through

  69. Ok been playing this game for a week or 2 now and have won $300, $500, $800 + 1 Amazon $1000 prizes but still have not gotten any money??? Plating the #10,000 wheel now and trying to see what is going on??? Why every one is calling this gae a SCAM??? I was having fun, But I guess I have to just quit and erase the game from my phone????????????????????

  70. Namhla Khumalo says:

    Can you please help me to get my money back please

  71. SCAM Recently ordered 2rotating kitchen storage containers from Linyikk FB ad. After long wait I received cheap manicure sets. When I complained I was asked to return them before they would send correct items. As I’m housebound said this would not be possible and was told I could keep them and have 40% refund. Disgusted these are allowed to continue advertising. No refund received 😡

  72. Deam says:

    I bought a folding utilities wagon (blue ) on 2-21-21 and received 2green rolling bags I didn’t order from timeslover .com order #wsd 49024 ,tracking#UG103096575YP .I don’t want the bags I want my wagon paid 39.99 for it . sku # MJ-BF-938635 by pay pal I need my money or the real wagon its on my tablet that I ordered it with the picture of it .Tried contacting them with no responses over and over please help me with this . I’ve been famed by them or pay pal .

    • Jack Guidry says:

      My wife ordered the same exact thing and got the green bag. Any luck getting your money back?

  73. Karen says:

    I have been scammed twice with facebook advertisers , so not trusting any advertisers on FB again. People on a budget can not afford to be scammed. FB should scan and verify advertisers as trustworhy.

  74. Nokwanda says:

    I ordered eggs at Njabulo Poultry farm 5 Boxes, they sent me an invoice yo make the payment. I payed R1500 for boxes and 300 for delivery, at 10 PM today they sent me email that has tracking number ND50LOVU and I should add R800 for insurance that I don’t understand why because I already paid for delivery which is R300

  75. Kgothatso says:

    I was scammed with umb bank…by mr thomas bill and mr Duncan McCain..i lost alot of money from this ppl help me claim what is mine

  76. Tee Mailata says:

    I saw a ad for a TV that was for $2.00 and so I payed for it online using my card and but then the same week they took out $77.00 from my account but I never ordered anything so I would like my money back.

  77. Christin Lee says:

    I bought two patio sets and received two worthless plastic boxes. I paid for the shipping as well. Total scam!!! Facebook should be responsible as they let these advertisers on there site.

  78. Mohammad jilanipasha says:

    I am worry loss sad tradehubltd 667 dollar scan fake …

  79. P rose says:

    I ordered what I thought was a blow up bed from Doyuer that was £28.00 I am a pensioner and can’t afford to waste my money they sent me some kind of a blow up whatever it was not what I ordered in the picture there as no address to return it within 7 days so I can’t see me getting a refund they say you can return it but where to I’ve been looking on line for an address and have left a message

  80. Ordered a large pallet from Amazon excess merchandise with my debit card. On Aug 15
    No deliveries yet

    • Carrie says:

      Just wait, you will get a small package with something from the dollar has happened to me!

  81. Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: “shameka brown”
    To: “”
    Sent: Sat, Oct 30, 2021 at 7:45 PM
    Subject: What happened to my order
    Why are you all not responding to me? I have been asking about my order and it was stated from October 24 all the way until yesterday, October 29th, that my order would arrive! I still don’t have my order! It is a Halloween costume for my daughter’s 5th Birthday… Which is tomorrow so now am i to do? Since you all continued to give me a date, I trusted that it would arrive either before or at least on time. Neither has occurred. If the package/order does not make it by today… I am requesting a full refund due to me longer needing the costume because her birthday party will be over. Thanks for ruining my baby’s special day with your tardiness and unprofessionalism with the no responses. If I do not hear from you all within the next 3 days-due to tomorrow being Sunday, I will be forced to contact the authority for theft- I paid you for a service that you DID NOT complete and you are refusing to complete my sale on time and/or you are refusing my refund in total. I placed this order on October 8,2021 and as of October 30th I still have not received my order and have not received any information about my order since October 14th with me sending emails if not daily then at least every other day. I need to know what the status is of the order or where is my refund immediatemy.

  82. they stole all my money terrible company but thanks to Victoriabolden1 at outlook com for helping me recovering all that was stolen from me.

  83. Miked says:

    PayPal seems to be at the heart of many Chinese Scams. PayPal is notified of a scam website but the still process the payments for unsuspecting buyers. This is not right. If you are victimized by PayPal file a complain with the FBI and also send a copy to the Senate Banking Committee. The Chinese say they will crackdown on this. I hope they make an example of some of the fraudsters and execute them as they do sometimes.

  84. Liudmyla says:

    Мошенники Qnshop quintenco. Не отвечают на письма, товар не присылают.

  85. Omar says:

    Ordered 2 electric spinning scooters from an ad on facebook in December 2020 and still haven’t received anything, emailed them as it’s the only way to contact them, they responded with a tracking number, I tracked order and said it was delivered to an address somewhere in Texas!! WTH I live in California!! Will file complain with bbb

  86. Annie says:

    Just got taken for $55.00 by a company called Shazzamprize. They are posing as Walmart and The United States Postal Service!!! They have all the logos of both. Don’t fall for it!!!!

  87. Bill says:

    You all should be watchful of “Brokeragea” They didn’t approve withdrawal for months and had no choice than to seek for professional assistance from Strikelbean ,com before i could get back what’s mine.

  88. Edwin says:

    I need the refund of the amounts that have been stolen and debited from my card, do not be thieves, the amounts of 2 -19 and 39 dollars I want the refund

  89. May says:

    This is not the the only company that scammed me out of my hard earned money.
    DCM group is also involved in my claim.
    I have been able to get some of my money back through charge back.
    They are liars and all affected people should reach out to get their money back
    Olliewagoner31 @ gmail. com
    Whatsapp +41 22 548 11 90
    Thank you for listening.

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