ScamDoc : A revolutionary new website to counter scams

Imagine for a moment finding yourself lost in the meanders of the web … As if by chance, you come upon a  Facebook advertisement that displays your dream shoes at a ridiculous price. It must be fate: you starrt to draw your credit card to enter the expected numbers and finalize your purchase. It would be a shame to miss this opportunity fallen out from the sky ! Suddenly, some doubts get in the way… An attractive price proposed by a website you never heard of… could it be a scam ? Will you receive the ordered product ? Could your credit card be hacked ? No need to blush, everyone asks themselves this kind of questions one day or another. And you have come to the right place! I have the honor and pleasure to introduce you to the last website developed by the team of Signal-Arnaques, which will answer all your questions : the website

The end of scams : a sweet dream or not…

No need to introduce Signal-Arnaques…  According to our Youtuber friend Sandoz, this website is the “WIKIPEDIA OF SCAMS” ! With a very active community, it has become the reference French site in the fight against scams. Despite this, it shows a weakness : it cannot answer reliability queries concerning emails or websites when the information does not exist in its database. Considering this, we decided to react and to propose a faster, more complete and more powerful alternative to protect more and more people. This new tool might soon become your new guardian angel on the internet, it’s only a matter of time.

ScamDoc … What is it ?

Because we’re really cool, we even give you the choice of weapons ! Either you go on reading the article, or you can watch the video of presentation directed by our Youtuber friend mentioned above … or both, it’s really up to you !:-)

The YouTube video… We just love it !

If reading is not your thing, go to the video (in french), it’s a killer and you will know it all within 3 minutes !

Reading this article: let’s go into detail

ScamDoc is a website that instantly provides information on about how much you can trust a digital identity. Just go to the site and enter the address of the website on which there might be doubt. In a few seconds and as if by magic, a complete analysis is done :

The rating given to you reflects the level of trust you should place in the site you did a search on. ScamDoc also provides an argument and access to the Whois (website identity card). In short, the main thing… A risk analysis argued with a lot of really useful information (contact, hosting site…), who could ask for more ?

Well, we do ! And we furiously wanted to develop a disruptive innovation. So… ScamDoc is the only one in the world to provide a very precious feature to Internet users : email analysis. The search field is indeed able to distinguish between a site or an email address and offer a scoring for each of them. And this is damned powerful ! 🙂

An example for the road :

What is nice is that the system is able to communicate a confidence score even if the data are strictly unknown to our databases and the internet in general. It uses what is called statistical prediction.

How does it work ?

If you are interested in news and new technologies, you probably have heard about artificial intelligence (AI), neural networks or even machine learning. Machine learning is probably the most meaningful expression to help your to better understand the operating system.

It’s very simple ! Our artificial intelligence algorithm was confronted 2 lists of data : a reliable one and another related to scams. The machine analyzed the characteristics of the elements in both lists in order to identify the relevant information to build a statistical template. Thanks to this, Scamdoc “visualizes” the characteristics of any submitted element and classifies it in the most logical category. It’s just like a feeling, but for the better :-). The coolest thing in this story is that our machine (now called by its nickname ScamPredictor) will improve over time … all at your service and always for free !

Here is a diagram recap of the task ScamPredictor performs each time you enter a query on ScamDoc :

That’s it, you know everything, or almost everything. Some of you might be looking forward to test ScamPredictor : just do it! / Go for it! Got more questions, here are some FAQs.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

When should you use ScamDoc?

Since it is free, the sky is the limit! ScamDoc can be used as soon as you have a doubt on a website where a money transaction is involved or on the email address of someone you don’t know (when getting in touch via a classified ads website for example).

ScamDoc, and what else ?

Although we cannot reveal all our projects, we can tell you we are working on a continuous improvement of ScamDoc by the addition of more great functionalities (like the scoring of telephone numbers, IP addresses or texts), and on the sharing of ScamPredictor API with professionals (a system for third party websites to directly query the algorithm).

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy this new tool and that it will help you in your daily life. Do not hesitate to share it widely with your loved ones as well as on social networks ! As a reminder and in conclusion, we are here to help, click on: ;-))