Report a scam on the Internet

Internet. A place where scams swarm. But what should you do when you’re the victim of a scam, or discover a fraud? One of the first things should be is to report it, so that someone else won’t fall for it! But how? And where? Let’s review the possibilities.

There are three types of websites where you can report scams :

  • Community websites dedicated to the topic
  • Government websites
  • Companies’ fraud report services

Report a scam on community websites

Some websites are specialized in referencing scams. This way, they update lists of online scammers through their email address, their phone number, or their various pseudonyms. Thanks to these websites, you just need to type a suspicious email adresses in any search engine to find out information on a potential reporting. : with over 237,000 online scams reported on this website, this is one of the biggest fraud databases online. Reporting a scam is simple and takes only a few seconds thanks to the instant validation of your report. : report & support : here are the two main missions of the scamwarners. If you fell for a scam, you can report it here, but also ask for advice or simply share your story and how you dealt with the fraud. : this website is the online gathering place of a lot of scambaiters, people who “scam the scammers”. The local forum allows you to report scam, and an open database is kept up to date with all the information known about reported scammers.

Report a scam to government website

Governments are aware of the threats of scammers and frauders. This is the very reason why they created official websites specialized in dealing with this kind of problem. A crime is a crime, online or not. So, here are a few websites that are able to help you.

USA Government’s Internet Fraud Information : The first place to go when you’re in doubt about where and if you can report a scam. This page provides information about the various official authorities able to help you, depending of the type of fraud you’ve encountered.

Federal Trade Commission Complaint Assistant : covering a wide range of categories of scams and frauds, this website will give you all the information you need to take the next legal step.

Internet Crime Complaint Center : someone hacked into your computer? Stole your identity? Extorted money from you online? This website is specialized in dealing with the most serious crimes. If you think you fell for a major cybercrime, report it to the ICCC.

Report a scam to a company

Sounds simple, and yet, a lot of victims don’t report the scam they fell for to the website they were using when it happened. But reporting it not only helps the company behind the website to make it safer, but it also allows them to give more advice to their users about potential frauds and how to protect themselves.

Facebook : Did someone manage to hack your account? Then, you need to report it as soon as possible so the frauder won’t use your name to steal from more people. If you spot any unusual activity on your account, you can report it to the Facebook Hacked Account page.

Ebay : Things started well, but the buyer/seller isn’t as honest as you thought? The eBay security center can help you with protecting you but also gives advice to the victims of scams. And this is the place to report a scammer so the website can take measures against them.

Craiglist : The website also has a page “About scams” where you can learn about how to recognize a potential scam, and how to make all your deals in the safest way. Of course, a forum also allows you to report a fraud.

Let’s say I’ve been scammed… how should I proceed?

  1. If it happened on a website, please warn the company behind it as soon as possible so they can stop the scammer, and provide you with all the proofs and help you need for any legal action against the frauder.
  2. Report the scammer to a communautary website. This way, anytime the scammer will try the same fraud again, a simple search on any search engine will stop potential victims from falling for it.
  3. Read the government websites to know what to do and how to proceed to obtain reparations when it is possible.

Remember that scammers often manage to scam people because they weren’t reported fast enough, giving them the time they needed to make their scam work again and again. Don’t give them a chance to ruin the day and life of other people : when you spot one, report it as fast as you can!

Do not hesitate : frauders, scammers…let’s get rid of them and make the web a safer place together!

86 Responses

  1. patrici says:

    comprei um samsung s8 dia 20/11/2017 e o praso para entrega era de 7 a 10 dias
    e ja se passou comprei pelo cartao master card.
    como devo agir.

  2. jalal says:

    Someone by email
    I’m in contact
    He claims to be interested in me
    And I sent my email to Google
    And on your page I found him
    He is a lender
    I have a phone number from him
    And photos
    What do i do now
    If my help can be useful to you

    • Sonia Vivas says:

      Siguarmarket it’s a scam website be careful with it they have several items for sale I pay for a backpack which I never received. The phone number they provide it’s not available anymore. I send an email that obviously doesn’t answer

      • De says:

        Too many scammers out there.
        We must get tougher..use better technology to catch them quickly and demand jail time plus federal crimes and mail fraud convictions.

  3. Lisa Hoang says:

    Ordered Alienware (Product code) ALWT7ED-4738 for $165.22- However an amount of $224.42 was taken out of credit card dated 13/12/2017.

    Today 08/01/2018- Good has not been received.

  4. Popi says:

    I order some Nike trainers never got them sent out emails no response

  5. Popi says:

    I never received item and money was taken out by LNCANFYU TRADE don’t trust site they need to be shut down!!!!

  6. Denise says: :

    site de venda de óculos ray ban


  7. Vinod says:

    We order Ray-Ban sunglasses order to around Rs. 4400/- on date 23/12/2017 but still not received product

  8. linda says:

    I ordered a laptop for my daughter on the 4/01/18 and haven’t received it but there took £57.92 from my daughters bank account by easytobuy what do i do i sent them an email and i got one bk but told me not to worry then today 14/01/18 i got a message from them saying that my message wasn’t deliverd.despite repeaterd attempts to deliver your message the recipients email system refused to accept a connection from your email system

  9. Jess says:

    I ordered a few items from this website ( on december 1st, 2017 that I wanted to give as gifts for the holidays. It is now January 2018 and I am still empty handed. confirmation email was sent to me by: “,” I sent two emails on gmail and did not receive any replies. I realized it was a scam when I tried to search for the website to log in and get ahold of any other contact info, only to realize that the website was offline.

    came across this website with some info”” apparently the site is based from china.
    now, I hope no one else gets scammed by this person or any other. although I know It does happen, I did not expect it to happen to me. I sure hope this post helps someone in case the website becomes active in the future.

  10. Raphael Kim says:

    I bought the drums at have not been delivered. 80 % cheaper than the price of order. They are fraudulent.

    • We payed for a yorkie puppy to be shipped to us from “breeder” and the next day when she was supposed to be shipped the transportation company called and said they needed more money for crate for airplane. They said they would refund money later. Now no contact

  11. Aldridge D'Souza says:

    I had ordered an s8 Edge 64 GB phone thru facebook on 31/12/2017 showing samsung end of season sale then moving to empirestores and then Zhivlin showing payment process thru NORTON and another reputed company and finally asked to pay in USD and the amount was deducted in CHINEESE DOLLARS.I havent recieved the mobile or any corespondence mail from them.

  12. Manale says:

    I had ordered a kitchen alliance set since 26 novembre but i didn’t receive my order
    Pls note a transaction was made on yr card … 9555 for CNY 326.33 at PES*XM BHM in CHN on 26/11/17at 05:20. In case of fraud : 9611489583

  13. C Hwong says:

    I saw this advertisement for old model Asus 2-in-1 laptop for A$ 85.14 on Facebook,paid by bank card on 29-1-18,but they withdrew A$117.87 from my account!!How do they withdrew more than the purchase amount ?? Bloody con job.Their email address is today no sight of laptop

  14. Bruno Corian says:

    Wow gee very disappointed here. I just found out that i’ve been screwed by buying a guitar a guitar site at a ridiculous price.
    I took the risk and seemed ligit but by looking it up and saw some YouTube videos, very disappointed!!!

  15. Jacqui says:


  16. Donna says:

    Back in December a company called Zpuppy offered a beautiful wooden dog bed for $79.00 which was supposed to be delivered b4 Christmas. It obviously never showed up. Then 3 weeks ago, they sent me an email stating they had major business issues but my package was just sent out AND gave me a tracking # which I tracked all the way to yesterday when Canada Post reported it delivered but delivered where? Not to my house, or my billing address. So wjere is this? Also, what did they deliver? AIR?

  17. beware of this and now they use…this is scam website…all about kitchen aids the price Rm 294 but deducted Rm 375..item did not receive at all..pleasa be alert..anyone have any idea what should i do?

  18. Dennis says:

    I have ordered a jacket HK$561 on 1Apr2018. They replied will ship the good within 3days and provide tracking number after shipped. But I havn’t received any reply after 5 days and the website is suddenly closed yesterday. How can I do now?

  19. Comprei um equipamento no site , retiraram me o valor do equipamento da minha conta e nunca cheguei a receber o equipamento. que devo fazer?

  20. jorge jesus says:

    Fiz compras no valor de 98,00 euros.nunca recebi e o site desapareceu.Chama-se e esta associado a varios sites:Sortedsale e scootercc

  21. Kjell Gunnar Hansen says:

    Bare juks og bedrag. betalte for levering av 2 stk.gitarer. Har aldirig sett sett noe til disse. Prøvde å få kontakt med, men fikk aldig svar.

  22. Alina says:

    Hi ,I ordered vans shoes 3 pairs at the site discount gear site vans off the wall and I didn’t received nothing ,I would like to know how can I take money back

  23. Julie O'Brien says:

    I received a rubbish jacket and money was taken out by LNCANFYU TRADE don’t trust site they need to be shut down!!!!

  24. Piet Jacobs says:

    I have payed Easyinshop for tools to be dispatched to me but they have stolen my money with add on website I can not believe how they can be allowed to advertise items and take credit card money the websites world wide must block these thief’s not to advertise to innocent persons

  25. mkzupan says:

    Be aware of Birkstore. They are scam, fraud. They say they sell shoes on sale but they just steal your money and disappear. Their website looks like original one of Birkenstock, but it is not!Take care!

  26. Petra Kmoníčková says:

    Dobrý den, objednala jsem si boty za 1800 Kč ze stránky, bohužel jsem se stala okradenou. 🙁 Dávejte pozor, ať se nenachytáte i vy. Mě už peníze nikdo nevrátí.

  27. Tatjana Gligorevic says:

    I ordered several pairs of sneakers from susupport1webmicroshop
    {2825693} transaction declaration
    Transaction date ; 25.7.2018
    Transaction order ID: lingz3656018042-870014559-201807
    Transactions amount ; 205.36 (USD)

    NOTE:1.We hereby confirm your order is successful.The Merchant name will be on your bank bills.
    2.According to the foreign exchange rate of the bank , the a amount showing on your statement
    will be a bit difference from the price on sellers website.
    3.This email is sent automatically by our system.Please do not reply to this email.Emails sent to
    this address will not be answered .Thanks for your support and understanding.
    4.Any question please feel free to contact the website instantly.


  28. Barbara S. says:

    Be ware of The seller mascarades as a canadian discount site, but it’s chinese! I purchased a backpack GUEsS Leeza for 54 euros + 18 euros for the shipment. They shipped a small pink shitty bag which had nothing in common with the backpack I’d paid for. I shipped it immediately back to China. Now they refused to do the refund. They offered me 30 euros but I still hasn’t recieved a penny from them… They only loosing my time. So I reported them to the canadian and chinese authorities, to internet community. And also filed for the chargeback procedure in my bank.

  29. Tjasa says:

    Naročila 9.8.2018 torbo kanken Fjallraven za 21 eur, poslali potrditev transakcije za 33,90 eur iz računa pa vzeli 44,50 eur. Torbe nismo dobili.

  30. Luis Montalva says:

    I didn’t recieve yet, a confirmation from my order #5390433 , please confirm via email to ( ) and
    ( ) , ASAP. Your company already discounted the whole amount of $133.38 from my credit card on august 4, 2018. Otherwise i will cancel my order ….

  31. Helena says:

    entrei neste site achando que era da apple e comprei um iphone XR que dava o prazo de 7/15 dias de entrega ate hoje ja passarm 4 semanas ainda não recebi ! dei meu cartao de debito o que devo0 de fazer?

  32. manson says:

    I ordered a good worth 20000 USD and I never received both goods and my money, I got to contact daviesmicheal6 at gmail. com, someone referred me to him from the fraud department thank God he was able to help me recover my money.


    Be aware of—- Datinginthe.Eu — This scamming company was operating on Facebook recently. Posing as a supplier of Moblie \fone gifts for a couple of pounds………What they didn’t say was, they were a Dating Service, which I subsequently found out after they took the agreed initial £2 out of my account. And then went onto steel a further £60’s.
    They also operate under another name — Broxburn Gbr.

  34. D says:

    Superbuytool is a scam. Sent tracking number and all. Never got package. Tracking code was fake and not trackable. Ran through Vietnam very spammy. Ass holes

  35. Hemant says:

    Thore are not any other those are chinese who are done this work I am also buy a product from he says ur product are dispatch but I don’t get any thing I book this product in 10/04/2019 and tody is 24/04/2019 .I don’t got nothing .those are fraud they stolen my bank details what can I do pls suggest

  36. jan says:

    BEWARE of a web site Called KOHLSH they are a scammer big time ..Looks like a clothing web site ,,,But they have for sale the Koi Red edition limited tablets on there for 59 dollars and the average price of these are 849.99 …its a sounds to good to be true item ..I researched these tablets and only found a few for sale …849 was the cheaper the other was 999 so I know this is scam …BEWAREB

  37. Amanda Kay says:

    I ordered a trampoline for my kids from said the delivery time is 3-7 business days) but of course never came. My kids are 12, 10, & 2 & were really excited(cuz remind u i didn’t tell them wut it was only that it was a surprise)…i finally had to tell them. It was a trampoline & i got scammed & now don’t have enough money to get another one…i hate scammers so just to let everyone know….DO NOT BUY ANYTHING OFF

  38. kurt dioos says:

    Ik krijg eerst een betaling van 1,95 euro en nu gaat er 49,80 euro van men visa kaart voor wat weet ik niet dit is fraude pas er mee op .

  39. I ordered 3 bikes from jhemmarket for 39.00 on july 21st 2019 found out there a scam and my bank wont do nothing bout it

  40. Maha says:

    Hello I just bought coat from off course I paid with my credit card and just send information only billing number no tracking number or nothing even I send them email no reply on this email online sure I got scammed

  41. I ordered shoes 2pair @39.99. I ordered on Oct 3rd. Nothing yet. I paid woth paypal.The company web is
    Order#0693 8347 0162 1199

  42. I bought a tablet from a place called rhoshop and just found out that it was a scam. They have a phone number that they left. It’s 323-746-0795. I paid by credit card.

  43. coşkun says: shows that this site ”” is scam based on the phone number they declared under contact us. +85252277476

  44. Julie Clark says:

    I ordered 2 pair of boots from honeystar. They wanted me to pay by pay pal. I paid $51.19, that was over 2 months ago. They sent a tracking number that couldn’t be tracked. So I am just out that money. Don’t buy anything from ads playing games..

  45. I ordered two pairs of gloves from Damensein on the 9th N0V and paid by pay-pal .cost £28.41 Xmas gifts for my grandchildren . Eventually one pair arrived. (the cheapest one) Tracking number given does not exist . Beware of this company Reviews for them are shocking. Wished I had read them before buying . Based in China and the one pair I got was extremely poor !!

  46. Shifaa says:

    I bought a controller car from
    but I did not receive it.
    I ordered it I ordered it on 14 11 2019.

  47. Kim says: is a SCAM. I brought 2 wigs the ones like on fb but what iv ended up with is terrible and cost me £40

  48. Maculey says:

    pls this is a NGO named yavolunteer (youth Adult Volonterr)
    there asking us to pay money for ahension into their mtn mobile money account.

  49. Erin says:

    My order with ONLINE Technology Ltd, has never turned up for 2 Power banks. I paid with Paypal and I though they were supposed to protect payments etc.
    How can these companies keep on advertising items and taking the money and not delivering. How embarrassing it is to find we trusted a company and were taken in.How stupid was I.No more online bying through Intagram.

  50. Mr Zsolt Kiss says: is a online “shop” offer a great deals for clothes… Is a SCAM never arrive your order and overcharge . NO RESPOND fr mails. any social media link is dosenot work on the website.

  51. Scam no tracking number no order number and emails to get in touch unanswered


    Bought a projector of this company, after a few days went on there web site to say shop unavailable. Big scam

  53. Yio says:

    All scam fake Internet stock exchanges.

  54. João Manuel de Almeida Silva says:

    Have ordered air pressure wine bottle opener, however this has never been received. Now I am being charged for a monthly membership that I have never requested. The company in question is . Can anyone Please assist in the regard.


  55. I ordered a bluetooth headset from Zarake lt. co. I paid with my debit card. When I did not receive the item and I went online to get a phone number for the company, I saw the claims that the company is simply nonexistant and have numerous complaints from people who did not receive their ordered products. I disputed the claim way back on 4-30-2020. Last week on 6-20-2020 my account was deducted the amount of the product due to the investigation leading to the fact that the company is legit. -Bullshit!! As far as I am concerned Pay Pal is teaming up with them and scamming people. I have paid and still do not have a product. The company, Zarake says they shipped my order and UPS says they did not and no tracking number exists for the product.
    Clearly Pay Pal does not have their customers’ best interest at heart and clearly they do not possess the integrity I have, in the past, given them credit for. I will never use Pay Pal again for anything!!!!!
    They stole my money!!!

  56. Luci says:

    I ordered a cooling baseball cap (Fathers Day Special) from a company called purplebuble. SCAM! Never received product. Do NOT order things that pop up on your phone while you are playing a game. The companies are f rom CHINA and they do not send any product- just take your credit card information. They offer a “” which goes nowhere- does nothing. BEWARE. They confirmed my purchase but sent nothing and I cannot contact them.

  57. Dee says:

    goodofyou,net is a fraudulent website. WILL NOT LOCATE PACKAGE AND WILL NOT REFUND MONEY.


  58. Sharandeep says:

    Hi good morning. I am your customer. I got coupon from you guys. I ordered online magic bullet Blender, Silver. My order ID is #8604190.
    Model FS671
    When I ordered this item, the price is $6.71 but have lost $97.05 from my account.So please I want to cancel my order and refund my money. Thnx..

  59. Ferne says:

    BEWARE OF DUMAOUTLET which is a US company claiming to be connected to Roots.
    It Is a scam company. My visa was compromised with a charge for something I didn’t even order.
    Be careful when giving out credit card information on line. Scam companies are collecting credit card information and using is for purchases people have never made.

  60. De says:

    Ok folks…they got me…ordered a small sewing machine while our pandemic is surging here in the USA…from China it was coming.
    I was hesitant but due to COVID 19…I knew it would be a few weeks with customs and all.
    Well going on 4 months…just left China on 6/24/ 17 Track says…dont trust them either.
    Company who’s a fraud…
    PKT Ecommerce Purchase
    FBE-commerce email

    Never answered email…red flag
    Looked up both names of company and yes…they scammed others..
    So angry as 2 disabled a child..can’t afford this wasted time and money….really sick that they must rob people instead of doing real business.

    No more my son says…stay off internet unless Walmart..Target…known companies…He is 100% smart!!

  61. Do not buy from WOORTE they are scammers. They send you something that you did not ordered and try to make you keep it and will not send you the wright product

  62. savaş algüllü says:

    hi, i had the incident described here for

    I have a question;
    I authenticated to coolcoin. can they take action on my behalf elsewhere with the credentials they have captured

  63. Juliet says:

    Nairamade is a big scam! They made away with my money and when I started to question their credit, they banned me from their platforms.
    Please run away if you have anything to do with them.

  64. Mary says:

    I ordered something from brieftopshop and they never sent it to me they took my money through PayPal nothing response when I email saying it not a working email

  65. Mary says:

    Do not buy anything from brieftopshop it’s a scam they will take your money and send you a pot holder something you didn’t order

  66. LEGO products ordered, never received.


    Can not withdrawal the money from FIN Toward

  68. We payed $650 for a yorkie puppy to be shipped to us from “breeder” and the next day when she was supposed to be shipped the transportation company called and said they needed more money for crate for airplane. They said they would refund money later. Now no contact

  69. Nabil says:


  70. Nicol says:

    I did a few orders due to valentines sale , and the site disappeared, how can I get my money back?🥺🥺

  71. Pete says:
    Selling trousers. After pushing the pay button, blanco appears on the screen.You don’t get any documents to e-mail. You don’t get any reply for your questions sent via their page or e-mail, which i got, when they sent me a “new” secret word, that I had to ask, cause there was a problem to sing in as a new customer. Only that works is that money disappears from your bank account in 24 ours. That scam seems to be targeted to Finnish market.

  72. Vaso Papasouli says:

    I bought a laptop they got the money from my credit card but i never received it.they sent me details from my order and they have tracking order with wrong name when i contact them with email they never answered i sent several emails but never answered to me what can i do please help

  73. i ordered a small electric chainsaw from this site through paypal what i recieved was a small piece of c contact chain.i since found out that a lot more people have ordered same item and recieved a piece of chain, can not contact site,do not buy from them,scam site.

  74. Bill says:

    I have start investing with this company called Group-500 for month now and the growth is too good and unreal. The only massive problem is that you can’t take your money out so you end up losing the money you invested and they keep making more money out of you. Glad Strikelbean ,com intervened and got back all what i thought I’d lost.

  75. Jeremie says:

    I invested my money on a forex broker and after racking quite a lot of profits they refused me to withdraw my money and started asking for all sorts of fees before they could release my funds. I reported the broker to LycanRetrieve. com and immediately they swung into action, recovering my money and making sure the broker’s website was brought down. Which is a win win for me.

  76. Sam says:

    This crypto exchange site is a scam please don’t use it I beg of you…
    Have been scammed over 300 usdt, I can’t withdraw/ trasfer my funds, it keeps saying I should send in more 400 usdt before I will be able to withdraw my funds 😪😫😫💔💔💔💔💔

  77. Dose says:

    On WhatsApp

  1. 12/10/2017

    […] Report a scam on the Internet will provide you with many benefits. Scammers don’t like to be reported : some of them (but not many…) will get back to you to fix your problem or refund you. By complaining, you will also help other Internet users and authorities to be aware about them, hence to fight them. […]

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