I am a victim of a scam, help me!

Scamwatcher is a community site. For this main reason, our team is not intended to provide direct assistance by responding to various requests of this type. However, that does not mean we are not interested in your case…

Indeed, to meet the different needs of victims on this matter, we have developed several solutions to help you:

  • Making a scam report: Particularly suitable if you are a victim of a scam and have a clear problem to present. In this case, it is the community (more or less experienced internet users) who will respond to you. PS: Generally, the more complete your report, the better the quality and help provided through comments.
  • Calling for help on the forum: There is a section on our forum specifically dedicated to assisting victims. It is particularly suitable if you are looking for very personalized help. However, be aware that the forum tends to attract fewer experienced internet users than the reports.
  • Scamwatcher’s premium service: If you ever want an expert opinion, the Scamwatcher team commits to responding to you when you post a topic on the forum. To obtain this service, it is necessary to subscribe to the premium subscription at €2/month.

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