The site has blocked me

Scamwatcher is a community platform that tends to thwart scammers… It indeed helps to counteract the plans of many of them who end up being clearly identified. Some have even decided to retaliate by launching major cyber attacks in an attempt to take down the site…

Some even succeeded in 2019… the site was inaccessible for several days. To prevent this from lasting and more generally from happening again, we had to implement numerous security measures to protect the servers and thus allow access to the greatest number of people. Many rules have been put in place and it happens that some of them trigger abnormally: this is what we call a false positive.

In this case, the site becomes inaccessible and a message from a service called Cloudflare appears in your browser: “You have been rate limited” or “Sorry, you have been blocked”.

If this happens to you, you need to know two things:

  • The first is temporary and usually only lasts about an hour: so be a little patient, the site will soon allow you to navigate again.
  • The second is a definitive block but only affects some parts of the site: it’s a bit like the no entry signs in museums… you just need to turn back and access the parts of the site that are open to the public 😉

What would you like to do?