Introducing Votes and User Profiles

ScamWatcher, a platform renowned for reporting online scams, is evolving to offer a better user experience. In response to the daily abundance of reports and comments, we have introduced two major innovations: votes and user profiles. These features aim to make navigation and participation on the site more intuitive and effective.

Votes to Highlight the Best Comments

Comments play a key role in the quality of information on ScamWatcher. However, with hundreds of comments of varying quality, it can often be challenging to spot the most relevant ones. To address this, we have implemented a voting system. Users can now vote for the comments they find useful, thereby helping others to quickly identify pertinent information.

Votes are limited to one per day for users who have an account. This encourages the creation of a free account for more active participation. Additionally, it is possible to downvote a comment, although this feature is reserved for the most active and reliable contributors.

User Profiles to Recognize Quality Contributions

To value quality contributions, we have introduced user profiles. Now, it’s easy to differentiate a casual user from a registered member by a colored circle around their avatar.

The more a member contributes usefully (through comments, votes, or reports), the more their status evolves. A higher status gives more weight to the user’s votes and increases the number of votes they can make each day. Additionally, some users will have a solid circle (often yellow or green) indicating that they are site moderators.

These new features on ScamWatcher represent a significant step forward in improving the effectiveness and reliability of shared information. We encourage all users to actively engage to fully benefit from these improvements and contribute to the fight against online scams.