Is it Possible to Obtain Identification Information of a Content Author?

In the current context of online scams, the Signal-Arnaques platform offers a crucial feature: the ability to group together and share information among victims. However, a common question arises: is it possible to obtain the contact details of other users who have reported similar scams? This article guides you through the procedures and rules related to this request.

Protection of Anonymity and GDPR Compliance

Firstly, it’s essential to understand that Signal-Arnaques strictly adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This legal framework mandates the protection of user anonymity and personal data. Consequently, Signal-Arnaques cannot directly disclose a user’s contact details to a third party.

Cooperation with Judicial Authorities

On the other hand, in accordance with Article 6 of the LCEN, Signal-Arnaques can provide identification information to judicial authorities in case of legal necessity. This cooperation is carried out within the strict framework of judicial procedures.

Contacting Authors of Reports or Comments

To contact another user, two main methods are available (guides here):

  1. Leave a comment: You can publicly react under a report or a comment. This action does not require account creation, and your message will be visible to all users, including the concerned author.
  2. Send a private message: If you prefer more discreet communication, sending a private message is possible. This requires an account on Signal-Arnaques. You can then use the envelope icon to send a message directly to the author.

Guide to contact a report author | Guide to contact a comment author

Limitations: Note that private communication is only possible if the other user also has an account. If the envelope icon is not visible, it means the user is not registered or has not activated this functionality.

Although Signal-Arnaques cannot directly disclose users’ contact details, the platform offers effective ways to facilitate communication and mutual aid within its community. Whether through public or private exchanges, each user has the opportunity to connect with other victims to share experiences and information.

Remember, your safety and privacy are paramount. Make sure to respect these principles during your interactions on Signal-Arnaques.